Using MapStudio

How Esri MapStudio Works

1. Find a Place

Find millions of places by entering a keyword search or address, or by simply zooming and panning around the map interface.

2. Choose Layers

Once you land on the area of interest, turn on and off data layers showing different levels of detail or thematic maps such as weather, terrain, or demographics.

3. Create Markups

Create your own markup layers in Esri MapStudio and store them for future use such as restaurants reviewed or crimes reported.

4. Refine and Output

When your map is ready, you can modify colors, type styles, and choose different projections and crop.

Esri MapStudio supports the output of multiple graphic file formats including EPS and AI that can be opened in illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Call Us for Pricing

  • In the US, call Esri at 1-800-447-9778.
  • Outside the US, contact the
    Esri office that serves you.
Start every project by selecting from several basemaps.

Start every project by selecting from several basemaps.