Connecting Citizens and Businesses to Your Authoritative Data

Set up a public-facing website within minutes to share your open data. ArcGIS Open Data is an Esri hosted and managed solution that is included with ArcGIS Online.

Leverage Your Investment

As the provider of authoritative data, ArcGIS Open Data allows you to leverage your investment in the ArcGIS platform. You'll be able to easily share the data you've collected, curated, and maintained in ArcGIS Online with everyone.

Connect With Your Citizens

Citizens are an integral part of any government. Whether they're buying a house or wondering about road construction, Open Data allows citizens to engage with your data, and allows you to better understand what issues the community is focused on.

Create Your Public Access Website

As an ArcGIS Online subscriber, you can start building an Open Data website for free that looks and feels just like your own. When your website is ready, the public can freely view interactive maps and search and download data they are interested in.

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