Esri Redistricting is a Web-based solution for state and local governments, legislators, and advocacy groups to create political and geographic redistricting plans. With Esri Redistricting, you have the ability to address common needs and challenges related to redistricting at the state and local level.

You can collaborate on district plans, create different versions of redistricting scenarios, and then share the final plan with stakeholders, including citizens.

Based on Esri's GIS technology, Esri Redistricting includes preprocessed Census 2000, 2010 TIGER, and Public Law (P.L) 94-171 data. In addition, you have access to ready to-use basemaps, such as streets, imagery, topographic, and demographic maps.

Hosted by Esri and delivered as software-as-a-service, Esri Redistricting doesn't require installing or maintaining any software. All you need is a Web browser. Esri can also host a dedicated instance that can be configured to meet your organization's specific needs. This instance can either be hosted by Esri or installed at your site.

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Create, manage, share, and maintain redistricting plans.