Common Questions

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Can I integrate my own custom data?
Both the managed services and onsite solution also include an option for integrating your own custom data such as polling points, historical voting statistics, and incumbents' residences. Contact the Esri regional office in your area to discuss your needs.
What's the difference between Esri Redistricting and Districting for ArcGIS?
Districting for ArcGIS is a free add-on to ArcGIS for Desktop and is used to perform simple redistricting, such as redrawing district boundaries. Esri Redistricting is delivered as software-as-a-service, and requires no software installation, whereas Districting for ArcGIS requires the purchase of ArcGIS for Desktop, which you must install on your local machine. Esri Redistricting also makes it easy to publish and share plans through its built-in integration with ArcGIS Online.
What is ArcGIS Online?
ArcGIS Online is Esri's online repository of maps, data, applications, and tools. It includes freely available content published by Esri and user community that can be accessed, used, and shared in many different ways. You can add your own items, for example your district plans, and share them with specific groups or publicly. Learn more about ArcGIS Online, or start discovering maps and apps from Esri and the user community.