Create and Design

Esri Redistricting is workflow-driven with step-by-step instructions for creating a new plan with Esri Redistricting. Or you can import existing plans that were created with Districting for ArcGIS.

You can create district assignments based on various Census geographies, such as block or tracts, and also track demographic information that is important to your plan.


Thematic mapping in Esri Redistricting helps you when editing or modifying districts and territories that are imbalanced, or if you want to create an ideal district scenario. Annotations and graphics can be added through the available redlining tools, and you can further supplement your edits by adding content from ArcGIS Online, such as additional map layers that help illustrate your scenario.


During the review phase you can import and export your plans so different users can provide you with feedback. To ensure proportional demographics, you can generate plan histograms, plan distribution, and district distribution in report format that you can share as PDFs.

Collaborate and Publish

Through the integration with ArcGIS Online, you have ability to share your plan with other users. You can create a group that allows only certain users to view your plan, or you share your plan publicly for everyone to see. In addition, ArcGIS Online gives you access to numerous basemaps, including demographic, census, streets, imagery and many other types of basemaps that you can use add to your plan to provide visual context.

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Quickly create a new district plan or import existing plans.