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ArcUser magazine is for people who use Esri's GIS technology. Its articles provide practical, technical information that will help you be more successful through making the best use of Esri software, employing the most effective strategies for implementing GIS, and better understanding GIS technology and its integration with mainstream IT.

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GIS Users

GIS Professionals

Get tutorials, tips, articles on best practices, and examples of innovative applications of GIS technology by other organizations that can help you be more productive.

GIS Users

GIS Managers

Learn how to optimize the effectiveness of your staff, increase the profile of GIS in your organization, and meet the technical and cultural challenges of implementing GIS.

GIS Users

GIS Developers

Read best practices, tips, and insight from the developers who build Esri's technology as well as developers who incorporate geospatial capabilities in apps used in the public and private sectors.

GIS Users

GIS Students

Better understand the technology, its applications, and where it is going.

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Monica Pratt, ArcUser Editor

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Editorial Staff

Founding and Current Editor: Monica Pratt
Contributors: Jim Baumann, Mike Price, Carla Wheeler, Citabria Stevens
Technical Advisor: Paul Dodd