Esri and RouteSmart Help Postal Carriers Reduce Operating Costs

Redlands, California—Esri and RouteSmart Technologies, Inc., are collaborating to help postal organizations deliver packages reliably, efficiently, and accurately. The companies provide comprehensive dynamic routing solutions based on Esri’s ArcGIS platform. National postal and global and regional parcel delivery services, including Whistl, Posti, and Swiss Post, are among the customers that leverage these routing solutions. Most customers have experienced cost savings of 15 percent, on average, through reduced working hours, mileage, and new vehicle acquisition. Customers also report growth opportunities through opening new lines of distribution business to support the burgeoning e-commerce delivery segment.

“By integrating location-based analysis with a postal organization’s traditional business systems, such as sorting machines and address management systems, we are solving territory planning and route management challenges these organizations are facing,” said Chris Walz, vice president of sales and marketing for RouteSmart Technologies. “With our help, they can align to the new realities of postal and parcel distribution economics brought on through the growth of e-commerce shipping volumes and declining letter volumes.”

Esri and RouteSmart will share how they are helping postal organizations continue to be drivers of innovation in transportation and operational efficiencies at the European Post and Parcel Services Conference in Vienna, Austria, March 24–26, 2015.

“Staying Ahead of the Pack: From the Horse to Automated Delivery”
Wolfgang Hall, Global Industry Manager for Logistics and Supply Chain, Esri
“Case Study: A Technology-Driven Approach to Handling Peaks in Demand”
Chris Walz, Vice President, RouteSmart
Session Four on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at the Vienna Marriott Hotel

“One of the biggest upcoming challenges for the postal industry will be the adoption of fully automated vehicles for deliveries,” said Hall. “With our partner RouteSmart, we provide a path for migration with the help of advanced location intelligence, optimization, and analysis tools.”

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