Esri Partners with TechSoup, Providing Nonprofit Organizations Easier Access to GIS Technology

ArcGIS Mapping Technology Will Enable Network of 1.4 Million Nonprofit Organizations to Address Critical Global Challenges

REDLANDS, Calif.—January 17, 2024—Numerous nonprofit organizations use geographic information system (GIS) technology to support their operations worldwide, addressing challenges such as climate change, public health, and social equity. GIS helps these organizations better understand complex issues by placing them in the critical context of location. To further support the nonprofit sector, Esri, the global leader in GIS, has partnered with TechSoup to make the purchase of Esri software simpler for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

TechSoup is a nonprofit international network of nongovernmental organizations that provides technical support and technological tools to other nonprofit organizations. The partnership with Esri will expose more nonprofit organizations to GIS technology, a major business system that helps improve the world.

“TechSoup is excited to partner with Esri, providing our nonprofit members with access to Esri’s ArcGIS mapping products,” said Conor Mulherin, general manager of validation services at TechSoup. “Esri provides great tools for [nonprofit organizations] because [its] ArcGIS mapping products enable [them] to transform data into actionable insights, advancing their missions and driving real change in the communities they serve.”

Today, hundreds of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations from a wide variety of disciplines join the Esri Nonprofit Program every month, receiving special pricing. Esri has witnessed an explosion of nonprofit organizations embracing a geographic approach to improving their operations in addressing civic and social equity, the environment, conservation, homelessness, social services, and more. These organizations also use GIS to better communicate their cause through storytelling; increase their understanding of the communities with which they are trying to connect; improve resource and staff allocation; and better measure, report, and adjust their approaches.

“Nonprofit organizations are part of Esri’s DNA. For decades, Esri has worked with organizations of all sizes, ranging from the American Red Cross and Audubon Society to the YMCA and NAACP,” said Emily Swenson, Esri Nonprofit Program manager. “Each nonprofit we have worked with has used GIS to further its mission through the lens of geography. We have strived to be part of the nonprofit community and to have nonprofit organizations be part of the GIS community as well.”

The partnership with TechSoup will help its 1.4 million members gain easier access to the Esri suite of offerings. TechSoup will verify eligibility among its members for Esri discounted software, confirm nonprofit status, and help streamline the application process. In turn, Esri will work with TechSoup to produce educational webinars, provide best practices for organizations implementing GIS, introduce Esri product offerings, and highlight educational opportunities.

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