Briefly Noted

Big Data Analysis Made Easier

In a release scheduled for this year, Esri will support ArcGIS using SAP HANA. By feeding big data into HANA, an in-memory computing platform that does not require back-and-forth data transfers, ArcGIS users will have their data available for instant access at all times, making data processing much faster and fueling critical business decisions in real time. Learn more about this ongoing partnership.

Watching Cities Evolve in Real Time

Local governments can now see their cities evolve in real time. Esri startup partner Mapillary, which crowdsources street-level imagery and makes it available instantaneously, is now integrated with the ArcGIS platform, enabling departments of public works, transportation, and utilities, among others, to benefit from near real-time 3D landscape views. Learn more.

IoT Spatial Analytics

To help organizations consume large data streams in real time coming from the Internet of Things (IoT), Esri and Microsoft are integrating location services and spatial analytics into the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Using preconfigured solutions, governments and businesses can employ IoT data to improve safety, reduce air pollution, and mitigate traffic congestion.