Briefly Noted

ArcGIS Pro as a DaaS

ArcGIS Pro can now be deployed as a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), the next phase of virtualization. See “Using ArcGIS Pro in DaaS Cloud Environments.”

Innovation in public health

With Esri’s support, the National League of Cities’ 2015 Multi-City Innovation Campaign encouraged developers and community leaders to create scalable solutions in public health that will make cities smarter and change the way they serve citizens. Check out the winners at and see which cities will be implementing their solutions.

Identifying water loss

Esri’s new Nighttime Flow Analysis Solution, a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) configuration, helps utilities identify water loss in metered service areas. It helps narrow down areas with high water loss by analyzing household water consumption at night, when water is typically used the least, and finding water that’s flowing but isn’t reaching a meter.

Transferring data to enterprise systems

Esri and Safe Software partnered to develop and openly share a Common Information Model (CIM) template for data exchange. The template is one approach to translating network data from an Esri ArcGIS database into CIM XML format. The XML can then be shared with other enterprise systems.