Briefly Noted

Celebrate GIS Day

GIS Day is November 17, and organizations around the world are planning to use the day to educate others about the benefits of GIS technology. Some ideas for how to participate include giving a presentation about geospatial technology to a local school or library, hosting a map gallery that coworkers can visit to learn about GIS, and joining the Community Maps Program to start sharing data with other ArcGIS users. Find out more and register an event at

GIS Boosts Data-Driven Governance in Egypt

To address geographic disparities in northern Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Local Development and the World Bank are implementing Esri technology. A unified geodatabase and a map viewer will let users explore geostatistical information and generate reports, graphics, and thematic maps. The system will employ mobile apps for data collection and dashboards to provide policy makers with a holistic view of development projects.

Telecom Uses Esri Tech to Bridge Digital Divide

Matanuska Telecom Association (MTA), which is bridging the digital divide across south central Alaska by offering broadband, television, and telephone services to residents in a 10,000-square-mile area, signed an enterprise agreement (EA) with Esri to help streamline operations and workflows. The small utility will employ ArcGIS Online to build mobile apps and collaborate in real time. Learn more about EAs for small utilities.