Esri Commends Partners for Outstanding Achievements in GIS

At the 2024 Esri Partner Conference, held in March in Palm Springs, California, Esri recognized 14 partners for their work in helping customers use and make the most of ArcGIS technology. Read on to discover what these noteworthy Esri partners do and how they help a variety of organizations complete projects and reach their business goals.

Leveraging ArcGIS for New Markets and New Customers

Aegir Consult

A map shows the words Coverage Simulation Map at the top. The image is colored different shades of blue with meandering white dotted lines and a cluster of red shapes mostly in a circled area in the middle. A white box entitled Legend is in the lower left corner.

Aegir Consult is at the forefront of Africa’s digital transformation, empowering businesses with innovative geospatial solutions. The company’s digital-first approach—which leverages ArcGIS software for tailored solutions that drive efficiency and scalability—helps ensure that its customers seamlessly integrate and optimize enterprise systems. With industry-leading expertise and award-winning technology solutions, Aegir Consult is reshaping the landscape of geospatial information communication technology in Africa while helping clients enhance operational effectiveness and achieve significant cost savings.

A computerized image of a tall, T-shaped building and parking lot, with shorter office-style buildings in the background. The T-shaped building is a darker color than the others and has about 15 red dots scattered across the wall facing the parking lot.

Using ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS Indoors, provides real estate professionals in the United States with scalable 3D and indoor GIS mapping. Facilitating self-guided property tours and advanced indoor routing analytics, helps property managers market properties efficiently and allows tenants to navigate potential homes with ease. For emergency response and public safety operations, solutions yield detailed layouts for quick and informed decision-making. The company’s solutions enhance property engagement and marketing in the housing industry and establish new standards for apartment searching and community safety.


A map shows the Americas from northern Canada to northern Brazil, along with much of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Land masses are grey and white, while oceans range in color from orange to blue. White, yellow, orange, and red dots are scattered across the land masses and in areas where there are islands. A black strip across the top of the map shows white text including the words, Region with most Extreme Risks East Asia & Pacific.

As companies and investors focus on decarbonization and other environmental, social, and governance goals, societal and consumer pressures are driving the creation of new technology and novel ways of collaborating. To help address these issues and more, PwC offers a variety of services related to IT-GIS integration, stand-alone GIS implementations, and business-focused geospatial solutions. Using ArcGIS software such as ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Experience Builder, and ArcGIS Dashboards, PwC helps clients achieve business goals that include effecting system modernization, improving data quality, assessing climate risk, and making specific investment decisions.

Innovating with Analytics or AI for Solutions, Content, or Services

ESP Logistics Technology

Against a dark background, a series of colored, translucent, rectangular 3D shapes stretch from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. Many of the shapes enclose neat rows of smaller rectangular objects of various colors.

ESP Logistics Technology enhances logistics and supply chain efficiency by performing geospatial analysis of asset flows. ESP provides workflow and route optimization and integrates real-time data to help track assets and solve problems using proprietary technology, ArcGIS Online, and AI. Recently, ESP collaborated with A1 Group, a national third-party logistics company, to enhance drayage and yard management, boosting asset productivity. ESP set up an operational center for A1 employees, equipping them with specialized tools for data analysis and visualization. This enabled them to streamline workflows and reporting.


Viewed from overhead, several connected parking areas, two streets, and a building surround a grassy area with a few trees along with six blue or red circles with symbols, all connected by a red line.

GeoDecisions, a division of Gannett Fleming, harnesses geospatial technology, data science, and analytics to offer innovative solutions to complex challenges. Using Esri products such as ArcGIS Enterprise and Esri’s deep learning packages, GeoDecisions discerns emerging trends and optimizes enterprise technology to offer scalable solutions that address customers’ business objectives. The company transforms data into actionable insight, streamlining processes and fostering collaboration. Committed to using technology for good, GeoDecisions employs analytical capabilities to work with companies, government agencies, and partners to enhance their business intelligence.

Platte River Analytics

Viewed from above, roads, buildings, and other features extend across part of a mostly tan-colored landscape with a few mountainous or hilly areas.

Platte River Analytics promotes business development by helping clients across the United States analyze internal data, establish dynamic mapping and dashboard analysis, and extract business insight. With an ArcGIS System Ready specialty designation and more than 15 years of experience with Esri products such as ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, the company’s industry specialties include oil and gas, solar energy, right-of-ways, broadband, and local government. Its services include consulting and training, interactive mapping, dashboard analysis, data collection, market analysis and competitor intelligence, and site selection analysis.

Successful Integration of ArcGIS with Another IT System to Support Customer Business Needs and Workflows

Geospatial Consulting Group International (geocgi)

A map shows the countries of northern Africa and the Middle East, with land areas in white or green and water areas in blue. A few areas feature clusters of dots or small shapes of various colors.

Geocgi is a woman-owned small business technology and consulting firm that supports national and global federal enterprise geospatial programs. The company specializes in enterprise GIS implementation and integration, program management, data management and analysis, small unpiloted aircraft system imagery collection, cloud infrastructure, and other emerging technologies. Geocgi leverages Esri technology such as ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Knowledge, and ArcGIS Business Analyst to help integrate business systems with geospatial data and capabilities that enhance organizational decision support solutions.

Hammerhead Technology

Twisty dark lines, many covered with circles of different colors ranging from tan to red extend across a tan and grey map.

With a mission to create innovative, relevant, and sustainable solutions, Hammerhead Technology is a full-service IT delivery organization with expertise in traditional and cutting-edge technology solutions. To address wildlife electrocutions in Costa Rica, the company took a conservation-based approach and used ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online to map incidents with power infrastructure and create a financial analysis that allowed power companies to identify areas of higher incident densities. This showed that it is more affordable to take preventive measures than to deal with the repercussions of wildlife electrocutions.

Compelling Use of Esri Technology to Impact Current Global Issues


A map of a developed area shows clusters of small circles, each colored red, orange, tan, or blue. A box on the left shows two sets of numbers in the same colors, listed under headings of Known and Unknown.

BlueConduit helps water systems organizations make data-driven decisions in the face of uncertainty and public health risk. BlueConduit’s Lead Service Line platform—supported by expert data scientists and directly integrated with Esri’s Lead Service Line Inventory solution—helps water systems organizations efficiently manage lead pipe identification and replacement by predicting whether there’s likely to be lead at every address where the service line material is unknown. BlueConduit’s predictive modeling has allowed communities to improve planning, reduce costs, and enable more equitable replacement plans based on the risk of lead exposure.


A partial building map shows rooms and other features in different colors. A tinted circle lies over part of the building.

With offerings related to public safety location intelligence and vertical location services, Minnesota-based GeoComm empowers schools and emergency responders with actionable location intelligence for school campuses. By using detailed indoor GIS maps, emergency response times can be greatly reduced. GeoComm has provided indoor maps and GIS apps to more than 1,400 K–12 schools in Iowa. These schools use GeoComm School Safety, a solution that leverages ArcGIS products such as ArcGIS Enterprise, to streamline and reduce response times from initial contact to on-scene activity.

Successful Customer Engagement via Partner-to-Partner Collaboration

England-Thims & Miller

A three images collage shows two maps and a photo of two people looking at a computer screen. The letters ETM are in the upper right corner.

From capital improvement project prioritization and enterprise asset management to land acquisition and management, England-Thims & Miller’s team of geospatial technology professionals uses leading GIS technology such as ArcGIS Pro and Esri’s GeoAI technology to furnish clients with interactive, web-based data and mapping systems. The company’s innovative solution uses AI to provide dynamic spatial insight, enabling public and private organizations worldwide to improve their processes, make data-driven decisions that transform their operations, and significantly enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

ROK Technologies

A photo shows computer screens and mobile devices behind a banner that says ROK Technologies: GIS Managed Cloud Services. More specific business services are listed along the bottom of the image.

ROK Technologies focuses on handling the day-to-day management of ArcGIS software and its supporting infrastructure. This allows ROK Technologies’ cloud-first clients to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional GIS experiences to their customers. ROK Technologies serves clients across all Esri’s industries, from Fortune 100 companies to small municipalities. With its mastery of cloud services, GIS, and IT, combined with its collaborative partners’ niche expertise, ROK Technologies helps its clients maximize ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows, Kubernetes, and Linux, as well as their capabilities in the cloud.

Large-Scale ArcGIS Implementation Using Multiple ArcGIS Products

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

A map shows a developed area with shapes of varying colors and dots along what appear to be roadways. Along the bottom of the map are three sets of numbers and icons along with text reading Road Repairs Needed, Road Repair Proposed, and Road Repair in Progress.

Langan stays at the forefront of ArcGIS technology to provide its clients with a high level of support. Esri products such as ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Pro have allowed Langan to implement digital solutions that streamline operations, integrate data streams, leverage the power of geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), and solve a wide variety of business problems. In many cases, these solutions have helped clients enhance operational efficiency by more than 80 percent while reducing operating costs and achieving an overall return on investment in a short time.


Text and images fill two side-by-side computer windows against a dark background.

VHB’s Mobile Data Collection platform is a centralized web app that provides standardized field applications that can be used for collecting fieldwork data and training resources. This engine gives users access to preconfigured ArcGIS Survey123 or ArcGIS Field Maps apps and sends data to a dashboard that runs on ArcGIS and Autodesk software. To streamline the use of public datasets, VHB also created a GIS portal that inventories and classifies datasets in a digital library that can be made available to all staff.