Esri Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 1,800 partners around the globe that provide solutions and service-based solutions to our mutual customers. In this issue, we highlight four of these organizations. For a complete list and description of partners and their offerings, visit the Esri website at


Cloudpoint Geographics Inc.
Digital MapRack

As an ArcGIS Online specialist, Cloudpoint Geographics has been successful in setting up ArcGIS Online for a number of customers with both internal and external uses. One of the core values of Cloudpoint is its ability to tailor specific geospatial services and technology for each and every client. Its Digital MapRack is not a boxed product. Rather, it is a solution that combines available Esri technology with the company’s training and expertise to come alongside client staff to close that office-to-field loop. Cloudpoint can implement an ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS deployment for an organization including custom embedding and branding for a client site.

WorldView Solutions
Jumpstart Solution for ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online Specialty partner WorldView Solutions presents its Jumpstart Solution for ArcGIS Online. The Jumpstart Solution is intended to provide organizations with guidance, instruction, and support to realize early, meaningful success in the implementation of ArcGIS Online, an integral part of the ArcGIS product line, housed in Esri’s secure cloud. The ArcGIS Online entitlement program extends availability of this platform to any organization with current maintenance on ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS for Server. The Jumpstart Solution for ArcGIS Online is a turnkey, project-focused package that provides organizations with an ArcGIS Online road map, as well as the data, tools, and workflows needed to achieve immediate success.

Real Estate

Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc.
Real Estate Research and Marketing/Opportunity Grid

Beitz and Daigh Geographics provides research and marketing support for real estate organizations looking to develop, sell, or lease real estate. Specializing in retail, Beitz and Daigh works with shopping center owners, brokers, and developers to research as well as market locations to retailers for development and/or lease transactions. Studies and marketing packages are created with drive times, the latest demographics, high-resolution aerials, thematic color-coded maps, traffic counts, and competition mapping. In the case of marketing, these materials are customized by the client’s specifications to tell the unique story of location and why the location is best suited to a particular land use. Beitz and Daigh also provides an Esri ArcGIS Online solution called the Opportunity Grid. This web-mapping solution uses ArcGIS Online as a portal for real estate decision support. Users can view this location-based data at their workspace or in the field via a smartphone or tablet.

IT Consulting

Rolta Geospatial Fusion

GIS capabilities are embedded in the very foundation of Rolta, a leading provider of enterprise GIS and IT services. Advancements in Esri technology combined with Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion technology and industry expertise provide a strong solution framework that businesses can leverage to achieve real operational return on investment and value to their stakeholders. Rolta extends the benefits of traditional GIS to the enterprise through its deep IT services expertise, providing the integrated IT, GIS, and analytics/business intelligence solutions that businesses need to achieve operational performance objectives and support critical decision making.