Esri Partner Solutions


GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online
GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online is an extensible mobile framework for working with ArcGIS Online—Load your own ArcGIS Online web maps on your tablet using GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online. The application extends the functionality of the Esri mobile application. Not only does this application help showcase ArcGIS Online, WebMapSolutions is actively extending it for clients to provide specific mobile GIS workflows.

Emergency Management

The Gartrell Group Inc.
Performance Atlas for Emergency Management
The Performance Atlas for Emergency Management is a situational awareness solution that may be deployed on client infrastructure or delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format. It is based on ArcGIS for Server with options for integration of mobile capabilities that include the ability to do gaming and what-if scenarios; time-based event filtering for retrospective analysis; cross-agency real-time collaboration tools; automated vehicle location (AVL) integration for viewing mobile assets; mobile data updating and assessment tools; role-based data sharing; and powerful and efficient search, visualization, and reporting tools.

Land Records

GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting
Property Search Application
The Property Search Application is a complete public access web mapping application. Because of the broad target audience for the solution, it was developed using ArcGIS API for JavaScript, which ensures a seamless user experience regardless of Internet browser or client-side plug-ins. Key functionality includes (1) property search by owner, address, etc.; (2) back-end overlay analysis to expose additional information (school districts, political districts, zoning, etc.) on the subject parcel based on its geographic location within the county; (3) service mashups that bring the best geospatial content into a single application (custom client basemaps, Esri ArcGIS Online basemaps, Bing basemaps, Bing Bird’s Eye, and more); (4) high-quality printing via the ArcGIS 10.1 for Server PrintingTools geoprocessing service; and (5) e-commerce integration through an online GIS storefront that meets the needs of users who not only want to view data but also want to acquire it.


PelicanCorp Pty Ltd
AIRS for DBYD is a full life-cycle management and response system for the automated processing of Before You Dig (DBYD) requests. AIRS is an acronym for Asset Information Request System. AIRS provides a workflow-based centralized reporting and management mechanism for asset queries from DBYD. The AIRS solution provides fully automated responses for DBYD requests, as well as semiautomated tools for dealing with incomplete, erroneous, or invalid requests. AIRS for DBYD decreases manual workload on clearance officers, provides cost savings to the business through automated responses, and helps businesses meet their KPIs related to DBYD responses.