Esri Partner Solutions

Esri has relationships with more than 1,700 partners globally that provide customer-focused, geoenabled solutions. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across our core industries, ranging from custom-built applications to complete ArcGIS system implementations. In this issue, we recognize those partners that won a 2013 Esri Partner Conference Award for exhibiting practical yet innovative application of ArcGIS software and taking geographic visualization and analysis to a higher level. For a complete list of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri Partner Directory website.

ArcGIS for Desktop Application—Utilities and Communications

Dig-Smart Enterprise
Dig-Smart Enterprise provides one-call ticket management in support of damage prevention initiatives. The Dig-Smart Enterprise suite offers technology to support 811 call centers using a GIS-centric approach to locating excavation requests. Compliance and reporting are integral components of the solution that allows the production of accurate maps and fast response times on positive response mandates. A suite of additional tools is included for specific workflow requirements, including tracking and reporting damages/hits, photo and video capture, GPS integration, CMMS integration, labor/effort tracking and reporting, and mobile work force balancing.

Location Analytics—Retail

Geodashboard, part of Galigeo’s Location Intelligence and Analytics platform, is a business intelligence visualization solution to assist companies in making complex location-dependent business decisions by representing and displaying business intelligence data on maps. Geodashboard is stand-alone, location analytics software capable of integrating geospatial and business information of all types (transactional, operational, analytical, and aggregated) from small or large databases. Geodashboard enables retailers and organizations with field sales forces to integrate location applications with performance management and reporting, predictive analytics, and campaign management solutions to increase sales and optimize marketing operations.

Best New Partner

MindMixer Community Engagement
MindMixer is a tool that leverages the power of the Internet and social media to connect organizations with their constituents. Founded by urban planners, MindMixer provides cities, school districts, and health care professionals with a website for two-way conversations with community members, making it possible to hear the ideas of people who may not come to public meetings. Clients can comment on and implement participant ideas, and community members can contribute new ideas or show support for their peers, creating a meaningful dialog online that leads to action offline.

Organizational Use of ArcGIS Online

GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting
ArcGIS Online Services Packages
GEO-Jobe’s ArcGIS Online Services packages are designed to help clients fully realize the benefits of their ArcGIS Online subscriptions. Launch Package: A variety of setup, configuration, and training services designed to accelerate implementation and ensure clients have a solid ArcGIS Online platform that will scale to support users across their organization. Integration Package: Consulting services focused on the iterative process of using ArcGIS Online to integrate the value of GIS into business processes and systems. Cloud Package: Pairing ArcGIS for Server, through GEO-Jobe’s GEOPowered Cloud, with ArcGIS Online to provide clients with the full power of the hybrid approach to ArcGIS Online. Application Package: Extending the application-level functionality of ArcGIS Online through configurable apps that ensure clients are fully realizing the benefits of GIS in their daily operations.

Innovation Application—Transportation

RideAmigos Corp.
Gaming, Rewards & Tracking Module
RideAmigos’ Gaming, Rewards & Tracking Module effectively “gamifies” commuting with leader boards, shareable virtual badges (via Facebook and Twitter), prizes, and the rewarding of egos. Users can rapidly log trips, like biking, walking, transit, and ride sharing, and compare how they and their team, company, or neighborhood rank against one another at a glance and view trip history in their calendar. The platform promotes alternative transportation and commuter behavior change and produces detailed administrative reports (environmental, health, and dollar savings), along with intelligent mapping and visualization tools for administration. The program is ideal for Bike to Work Week; Rideshare Week; and general tracking, rewards, and compliance needs.

Public Web Application—Forestry and Public Safety

DTS (Data Transfer Solutions) provides maps and incident information about current wildfires across the nation. The site integrates data from a variety of sources providing a single dashboard to keep users updated on where fires are occurring. Basic wildfire status is available in the Public Viewer app, while custom subscriptions and applications are available for more advanced capabilities.

Stand-Alone Desktop Application—Mobile Field Service

Blue Dot Solutions
Cyan Patrol Inspections
Cyan Patrol Inspections combines Blue Dot’s mobile enterprise asset maintenance experience with the power of Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK technology to provide a highly configurable solution optimized to meet the challenges of inspecting geographically distributed assets in a fast, accurate, and effective manner. Users may now complete inspections on foot, from the road, or in the air and update their back-office systems with critical asset data.

Private Web Application—Federal, State, and Local Government

Accela, Inc.
Accela Automation
Accela Automation is the heart of the Accela Civic Cloud. The web- and cloud-based enterprise application helps agencies create a more citizen-centric, performance-based government. It provides a complete solution for automating critical tasks associated with permitting, code enforcement, community development and planning, and more. Accela Automation embeds map services from ArcGIS for Server within Accela’s web-based business process management software, mobile solutions for field force automation, public-user web portal, and apps for citizen engagement.

Mobile Application—Utilities and Telecom

National Information Solutions Cooperative
iVUE AppSuite
National Information Solutions Cooperative’s iVUE AppSuite provides convenient access to important data and is an integrated communication tool for organizations to use on tablet devices. Being connected when it matters no longer means being tethered to a desk. Be able to manage service interruptions, easily check meter information and work orders, capture and upload images, get pick lists, and monitor active jobs. Get access to all this functionality through a spatial interface by representing GIS data with integrated workflows to help users work more efficiently—from anywhere.