Esri Partners Awarded for Outstanding Work

At the 2022 Esri Partner Conference, held in March in Palm Springs, California, Esri acknowledged 26 partners that are doing remarkable work with ArcGIS technology by presenting them with awards in 11 categories. Read on to find out more about the innovative solutions, services, and content these partners offer.

Demonstrating Highly Aligned Solutions

Khatib & Alami

To help clients across multiple industries and environments improve their business processes, save time, cut costs, and make informed decisions, Khatib & Alami uses ArcGIS technology to integrate location intelligence with e-government services, ArcGIS GeoBIM, geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and more.

A dashboard with a map, symbols, and a bar chart and line graph

GP One Consulting

GP One Consulting brings advanced, practical programming skills to its clients’ spatial data challenges. The QWildlife crocodile sightings platform, developed for the Queensland Government in Australia, leverages ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS AppStudio, and ArcGIS Survey123 to improve job tasking, increase public safety, and better protect crocodiles.

Three smartphone screens—one with a map of Australia and the other two with information about crocodiles

GEO Jobe

The ABC’s of GIS from GEO Jobe is a powerful combination of solutions that ArcGIS administrators can use to improve their workflows and increase productivity. Nearly 9,000 organizations worldwide use these apps. As the scale of an organization’s offerings increases, so does the power of the ABC’s of GIS.

Books and a chalkboard that reads “The ABCs of GIS. A: admin tools, B: backup my org, and C: clean my org

Showing Substantial Opportunities for Growth with Esri

Antea Group

Antea Group combines multidisciplinary perspectives and technical expertise to deliver solutions for a better future. Using Antea World, a solution based on ArcGIS Enterprise, Antea employees can explore datasets and apps. Eventually, this will become a digital twin of the Netherlands that integrates with all the company’s products.

A big map alongside thumbnails with smaller maps on them

Berntsen International

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a rapidly growing technology. Berntsen International’s InfraMarker app for Survey123 and ArcGIS Field Maps connects RFID-marked field assets with the associated asset data in ArcGIS. This results in faster and more accurate workflows in both the field and the office.

A woman collecting data on a street in front of a skyline with a smartphone screen showing the data she’s collecting

Innovate!, Inc.

To help clients optimize their investments in Esri technology, Innovate! does everything from modernizing legacy systems to building scalable enterprise solutions. For the Arbor Day Foundation, the Innovate! team used ArcGIS Enterprise to integrate donor investment data into a dynamic dashboard in a way that increases engagement.

An aerial image of a neighborhood next to a highway with information about carbon, water, air, and health that’s related to trees that have been planted

Delivering Creative Content to ArcGIS Users

Geospatial data as a service provider creates highly accurate subaddress-level geocodes for multiunit dwellings and complexes. The startup’s proprietary location data helps customers in the transportation, logistics, delivery, public safety, and emergency response realms solve what’s known as the last-mile problem so they get to the correct destination.

A 3D rendering of some skyscrapers

IHS Markit

IHS Markit provides expertise and solutions to help organizations expeditiously visualize and analyze critical and ever-changing information about global commodities. The company leverages the power of cloud data warehouses to deliver spatially enabled data models directly to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Insights.

A map of the United States with areas in the center highlighted in purple


A full-service provider of GIS and geocoding solutions, Nexiga offers high-quality, geospatial market data down to the household level. Subjects covered include pedestrian frequency, building information, and broadband availability—all of which enable customers to glean cross-industry insight so they can design sophisticated marketing and sales strategies.

A split-screen map with a pop-up box

Evolving Customers and Solutions to the Web GIS Pattern with SaaS


DVG builds enterprise GIS solutions to help customers solve mission-critical business problems across industries, from law enforcement and public safety to health and transportation. The company’s GIS experts make use of Esri’s full stack of technology for web, desktop, and mobile and specialize in rapid, cloud-based deployments.

A dashboard showing a map of New York City with information about surveys being taken

Dawood Engineering

Dawood provides project management tools that geospatially enable asset management and utility workflows. When Southern Company Gas required an optimal land management solution for a pipeline project in Illinois, Dawood developed a custom portal using the AEC Project Delivery subscription service, ArcGIS Dashboards, Survey123, and ArcGIS StoryMaps.

A map with green polygons laid out along a red line, plus a pop-up


VertiGIS works across industries to help organizations that deploy Esri technology accomplish even more and go beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of ArcGIS software. Using VertiGIS Studio, ArcGIS users can build powerful, purpose-driven apps at a fraction of the cost and development time that are normally required.

A woman sitting in front of a computer with a map on it

Delivering Analytics and Insight to Users

Airspace Link

Drone operators have described AirHub, from Airspace Link, as smart maps for drones. Because roads in the air don’t exist yet, AirHub leverages the ArcGIS system, authoritative local data, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, and third-party datasets to build compliant and efficient flight routes.

Two maps and two charts on a dashboard

Environmental Science Services, Inc. (Es2)

In partnership with the Mississippi River Traffic Information Service, Es² and the Plaquemines Port Harbor and Terminal District ingested raw automatic identification system (AIS) vessel traffic feeds into ArcGIS GeoEvent Server. Geofences around the port’s facilities allow staff to monitor vessel movement and track tariff-eligible events.

A dashboard showing a map of water with boats on it plus information about the vessels

Compelling Use of Esri Technology to Make an Impact


By accessing unique data, harnessing emerging technologies, and continually innovating, Alcis helps its clients in the international development realm use GIS to better understand complex situations, make sound decisions, and generate advantageous outcomes for people in some of the world’s most fragile and war-torn environments.

A man standing in front of tents in a refugee camp

The FaithX Project

FaithX’s groundbreaking work employs geospatial data (supplied via MapDash from another Esri partner, Datastory) and ArcGIS StoryMaps narratives to help congregations identify the effects of systemic racism on their surrounding communities so they can mitigate those impacts and better engage with the people they serve.

A split-screen map with information about how racial predominance corresponds to home values

Helping Customers Meet the Sustainable Development Goals


German company ARC-GREENLAB provides surveying, GIS, and building information modeling (BIM) services and software to government and commercial customers. To help digital construction firm VIA IMC and its parent company Eurovia reduce CO2 emissions during road construction, ARC-GREENLAB developed AVUS.ONLINE, a digital twin based on ArcGIS technology.

A dashboard showing a map of a road or trail along with two line charts


Using Survey123, Field Maps, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, Cadasta helps local residents and government staff members map and document land rights and build their technical capacity so they can create a more secure and sustainable future for their communities.

A dashboard showing a map of central Africa alongside a photo of a woman and project stats

Outstanding Presence on ArcGIS Marketplace

North Point Geographic Solutions (NPGS)

NPGS, which supports state and local governments and the forestry industry, specializes in developing unique, GIS-integrated web apps that help users streamline workflows and increase efficiency. For example, NPGS worked with Bayfield County, Wisconsin, to build SmartPermit, a paperless, GIS-based land-use and permit process.

A map, a pie chart, a list of parcels that haven’t been inspected, and the status of one inspection project


Wejo provides feature layers of its Journey Intelligence and Traffic Intelligence data for use with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. As a result, real estate, construction, retail, and government organizations have access to millions of connected vehicle data points sourced directly from offices of emergency management.

A dark map of the Coachella Valley, California, that shows all the roads and highways in glowing blue

Collaborating Innovatively with Esri and Partners

Bay Park Data Solutions

Harnessing the power of spatial analytics and data integration, Bay Park helps nonprofit organizations gain actionable insight into fundraising activities, donor retention initiatives, marketing objectives, and development outcomes. The Bay Park team builds these custom solutions primarily using ArcGIS Online, Survey123, ArcGIS Experience Builder, and Dashboards.

A dashboard of donor information showing a map, a chart of how much money has been donated in each state, and anonymized information about particular donations


GeoComm, which provides its Public Safety Location Intelligence service, works with local, regional, state, and military agencies in 49 US states. Through extensive collaboration with Esri, GeoComm ensures that its indoor maps empower public safety agencies to improve situational awareness during emergencies and reduce response times.

A map of the interior of a building with fire extinguishers labeled and a glowing blue and red lines in the auditorium

Ensuring Customer Success with ArcGIS

CyberTech Systems and Software

CyberTech staff members are experts at implementing ArcGIS Enterprise. Their depth and breadth of knowledge, along with the company’s extensive resources, ensure project success regardless of scope. Specializing in cloud transformation, they deliver large and complex geoenabled business solutions that fully integrate with critical enterprise systems.

A laptop showing a live map of a city next to a table showing a different map with the CyberTech logo


Since 2004, geoConvergence has specialized in implementing, integrating, and extending core Esri technology. The award-winning Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a)-certified organization provides best-in-class solutions to commercial and government customers. geoConvergence has earned four specialties from Esri, including ArcGIS System Ready, ArcGIS Indoors, and Federal Small Business.

A map with precincts highlighted in different colors and the option to rename a precinct

Influencing the Adoption of Esri Technology at a Strategic Level


Cityworks, a Trimble Company, provides Web GIS-centric asset management and permitting solutions powered by ArcGIS technology to help organizations streamline asset management and community development. Cityworks combines ArcGIS geodatabase technology with business apps to better coordinate workflows, schedule resources, and prioritize public works activities.

A workorder dashboard that shows a map with assets on it and a menu with different app navigation options

SSP Innovations

SSP Innovations delivers ArcGIS Pro solutions to electric and gas utilities, telecommunications providers, and pipeline operators around the world. Solutions are designed to help customers meet their unique business challenges through a combination of deep technology expertise and comprehensive familiarity with industry best practices.

A map of utility assets with tables showing asset information