Esri Press

Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification Study Guide

By Mike Flanagan

Are you ready to prove what you know as a professional ArcGIS Desktop user? The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification Study Guide prepares readers to take the latest (10.5) ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification exam. With each chapter corresponding to an exam section, the book incorporates GIS concepts alongside practical applications. Following a three-part structure, the study guide first gets candidates ready by going over the ArcGIS documentation topics they need to know for the exam, then has them practice using exercises in the book or links to continually updated online resources, and finally lets them check their skills against a list of tasks they should be able to perform. The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification Study Guide is a consolidated yet complete resource for mastering the ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification exam. February/March 2019, 120 pp. E-book ISBN: 9781589485365 and paperback ISBN: 9781589485358.

Focus on Geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro

By David W. Allen

Focus on Geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro introduces readers to the geodatabase—the comprehensive information model for representing and managing geographic information across the ArcGIS platform. Author David Allen shares best practices for creating and maintaining data integrity, and chapter topics include the careful design of geodatabase schema, building geodatabases that include data integrity rules, populating geodatabases with existing data, working with topologies, editing data using various techniques, building 3D views, and sharing data on the web. Each chapter includes important concepts with hands-on, step-by-step tutorials; sample projects and datasets; “your turn” segments that have less instruction; study questions for classroom use; and an independent project. Instructor resources are available on request. May 2019, 250 pp. E-book ISBN: 9781589484467 and paperback ISBN: 9781589484450.

GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics

By Amor Laaribi and Linda Peters

GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics outlines the latest methodologies and technological tools that statistical organizations can use to support census workers’ needs in all stages of the 2020 Census. With this handbook, readers can ascertain how to plan their work with GIS; learn to use new technologies, including cloud computing and location as a service (LaaS); and get familiar with emerging data sources. GIS and the 2020 Census focuses on using geospatial tools during enumeration—including for field data collection and operations management—as well as to analyze, integrate, and disseminate census data quickly. It guides readers through employing geospatial technology to look at and capture information at the finest level of geography, and it illustrates the basic foundations of building a statistical-geospatial information infrastructure for censuses. Complete with case studies that exemplify these concepts in practice, this book enables readers to see how using geospatial solutions for all aspects of a census can lead to evidence-based decision-making and sustainable development. April/May 2019, 320 pp. E-book ISBN: 9781589485051 and paperback ISBN: 9781589485044.

Smarter Government: How to Govern for Results in the Information Age

By Martin O’Malley

The time has come for the rise of the tech-savvy executive: an individual who understands the need to elevate the use of technology within and throughout an organization, all to the same level, all at the same time. As mayor of Baltimore and then governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley did that—and more. Smarter Government: How to Govern for Results in the Information Age addresses this new way of governing. It looks at how using GIS technology can provide real solutions to real problems while guiding readers through how to develop a data-focused management strategy that will profoundly change any organization. March/May 2019, 420 pp. E-book ISBN: 9781589485259 and paperback ISBN: 9781589485242.