New Training and Certification Offerings


New Instructor-Led Courses

Esri’s instructor-led courses are developed in-house by subject matter experts who have a deep understanding of ArcGIS best practices and recommended workflows. All instructors have Esri Technical Certifications and CompTIA CTT++ certification.

The following new courses are great for GIS professionals, analysts, and anyone who wants to create and share intuitive apps that feature ArcGIS content and capabilities.

Configurable Learning Plans Are Here

Esri learning plans cover a variety of GIS concepts and ArcGIS topics—and anyone with a free Esri account can enroll in them. Available on the Esri Training website, each plan contains a set of sequenced resources that learners work through at their own pace.

Some people like to use them to achieve a specific learning objective, while others see them as a starting point for creating their own individualized plans. Either way, users can make a copy of an Esri learning plan and, if they want, add or remove resources to it to reflect their personal learning goals and interests.

It is easy to build a plan from scratch by adding items directly from the Training catalog. Additionally, managers and educators can assign employees and students to certain plans and then track learners’ progress as they go through them. Users can also share learning plans privately with specific individuals or publicly to the catalog, where the entire Esri Training community can easily find and enroll in them.

For organizations, learning plans are a valuable tool to increase awareness of GIS and ArcGIS capabilities, as well as to onboard new employees, prepare teams for upcoming projects, and support ongoing professional development. Educators also use learning plans to complement their curricula, build geospatial literacy, and help students acquire in-demand technical skills.

Ready to embark on a learning plan of your own? All you need is an Esri account and a desire to expand your skills. Get started.


While Esri Technical Certifications never expire, old exams do get retired. On December 31, 2018, Esri will retire all version 10.3 exams. So if you are interested in achieving a 10.3 certification, be sure to schedule a test appointment before the end of the year.

Exciting changes are coming to the Esri Technical Certification Program in 2019. In addition to releasing new and updated exams, Esri will give certified individuals the opportunity to earn specialty certifications. Look for details and announcements in the coming months.

“Esri Technical Certification is like most things in life: the more you put into them, the more you get out.”

So said Sandeep Burra, a senior GIS engineer at Openware Information Systems in Kuwait. He believes that his two Esri Technical Certifications have increased his credibility with colleagues and clients.

Read Burra’s story, explore the latest Esri Technical Certification exams, and join the Esri Technical Certification group on LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and discuss all things certification.