New Training and Certification Offerings


Take an Instructor-Led Course

Taught by experienced instructors with subject matter expertise, the following new courses from Esri support professionals who want to apply the latest ArcGIS capabilities for indoor mapping and imagery analysis:

For organizations that want to simplify their teams’ access to these courses and other training options, they can take advantage of the Esri Training Pass. It allows administrators to purchase training days in advance and redeem them as needed for classes and other training opportunities.

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New at Esri Academy: Knowledge Assessments

There is now an easier way for people to test their knowledge in Esri Academy. The My Assessments page provides learners with direct access to all the assessments they can take, along with results from any previous assessments they’ve completed.

There are three types of assessments. “Are you ready” assessments allow users to measure their knowledge of ArcGIS against the prerequisites for specific instructor-led courses. If it turns out that a learner could benefit from reviewing some concepts prior to taking the class, the assessment recommends additional resources. Anyone can take (and retake) “Are you ready” assessments and use the targeted resource recommendations to improve their skills.

When learners are registered for an instructor-led class, they will see two additional assessment options: preclass and postclass. These are based on the course’s learning objectives and are useful for measuring the specific outcomes gained from taking classes. People who take these assessments always have access to their preclass and postclass assessment results via the My Assessments page.

Find out more about these assessments and get started with them. Sign in using your ArcGIS account.

Add a MOOC to Your 2023 Training Calendar

So far this year, 98 percent of individuals who have completed a massive open online course (MOOC) through Esri said they would take another one. Participants find the relaxed environment a fun way to build their GIS technology skills. To experience this, check out one of the following courses:


The Esri Technical Certification Program supports professionals and students who want to validate their experience with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and other ArcGIS technologies. Available exams now include the following:

If certification is something you’re interested in, explore the latest Esri technical certification exams. To find out what it takes to prepare for an exam, watch Preparing for an Esri Technical Certification. Additionally, view certification success stories, and join the Esri Technical Certification groups on LinkedIn and Esri Community.