New Training and Certification Offerings


New Instructor-Led Course

Developed and delivered by in-house experts, Esri’s instructor-led courses are beneficial for anyone who uses ArcGIS software to support their daily workflows and enhance projects with geographic context.

A new instructor-led course—Deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes—is essential training for IT and GIS administrators whose organizations are preparing to set up an enterprise GIS on Kubernetes, a cloud-native technology. Over two days, attendees of this advanced class are introduced to cloud-native computing concepts such as containerization and microservices; explore infrastructure requirements for ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes; and practice the workflows needed to create, manage, and scale an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on Kubernetes.

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Skill Building Starts—and Never Ends—at Esri Academy

Are you curious about a new ArcGIS app you’ve heard about? Do you need to learn a specific ArcGIS technology-supported workflow to perform your job? You can do this through Esri Academy, the online destination that hundreds of thousands of people use each year to jump-start their learning on a range of GIS topics. Bookmark the Esri Academy catalog and visit it often to explore the latest offerings.

The following e-Learning resources were recently added to the catalog:

Live Training Seminars Are Back

After taking a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live training seminars have returned to Esri Academy! These free, interactive, one-hour live streams feature subject matter experts who share tips and best practices for using GIS, present guided software demonstrations, and answer questions from the audience. View all live training seminars.

Make Your Mark in a MOOC

One of Esri’s most popular massive open online courses (MOOCs), Going Places with Spatial Analysis, will start again on January 26. The course introduces spatial analysis concepts and guides participants through increasingly sophisticated analytical workflows. Suitable for new GIS users and anyone who wants to try the latest ArcGIS Online analysis tools, this free MOOC includes a certificate of completion.

And although Esri’s newest MOOC, GIS for Climate Action, is already underway, registration is open through November 8. If you can’t catch it this year, the MOOC will be offered again in May. (See page 30 for more details on this course.) Check out the full MOOC calendar.


The Esri Technical Certification Program enables participants to validate their experience with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and related technologies. The certification team is hard at work developing a full roster of new exams that will be released next year.

Beta exams are a vital component of the exam development process. After the beta period closes, every exam question undergoes in-depth statistical analysis to ensure that the exam validates relevant skills. New this year, beta exams are open to anyone who is interested in achieving the certification. Just like with a released exam, a passing score earns the participant the certification.

Taking a beta exam gives participants the opportunity to be among the first to achieve a brand-new certification or a new version of a certification. Check out the following beta exam offerings:

Beta exams are only open for a limited time. Get registration details and exam information guides.

Explore all Esri technical certification exams. To get help choosing one, watch Preparing for an Esri Technical Certification.