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Courses for ArcGIS 10.2
A full suite of instructor-led courses is available to support ArcGIS 10.2 customers. These courses are designed to help GIS professionals, administrators, developers, and other knowledge workers apply best practices to do the following:

  • Explore, extract information from, and author GIS maps
  • Apply ArcGIS analysis tools to gain insight into data
  • Maintain accurate geographic data and reliable GIS infrastructure
  • Share GIS resources so they are accessible to everyone who needs them
  • Create intuitive apps that empower end users with GIS maps and tools

View courses for ArcGIS 10.2 at

Simplify Planning and Streamline Access to Training
Managers know that people are their most important asset. Studies show that investing in employee learning leads to higher productivity and engagement on the job, plus higher customer satisfaction. But internal budget and approval processes can sometimes delay learning opportunities that would help employees contribute more to the bottom line.

Enter the Esri Training Pass, a convenient purchase method that helps managers simplify how their teams access GIS training. Partnering with an Esri training specialist, a manager determines how many training days are needed to support upcoming projects and team learning needs. The training days are purchased with a single invoice that also secures guaranteed pricing. With a Training Pass in place, employees have quick access to classes throughout the year as needed.

Training days can be redeemed for instructor-led courses and workshops, client coaching services, Virtual Campus annual user licenses, and Esri Technical Certification exam vouchers.

To talk with an Esri training specialist about an Esri Training Pass, call 1-800-447-9778, extension 5757, or send an e-mail to


New Study Guide for ArcGIS Desktop Associate
The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide is designed to help prepare candidates for the ArcGIS 10.0 or 10.1 Desktop Associate exam. Published by Esri Press and authored by experienced Esri instructor and certified ArcGIS for Desktop professional Miriam Schmidts, the study guide includes overviews of the essential concepts measured by the exam, step-by-step exercises to practice and reinforce ArcGIS skills, and challenge questions to test knowledge.

Says Schmidts, “You can study the chapters in sequence or pick and choose the ones you want to concentrate on. The hands-on exercises help you remember the tools and workflows needed for the test.”

The study guide includes access to 180-day ArcGIS for Desktop trial software and an exercise data DVD. You can view the table of contents and a sample chapter and purchase the study guide at

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