North Carolina and Nevada—Esri Shirts Fit in Everywhere!

Steve Gochenaur, GISP, GIS analyst, Lancaster County GIS, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is wearing his oldie-but-goodie Esri T-shirt at the lighthouse in Ocracoke, North Carolina. His family vacations on the Outer Banks every year.

Steve Gochenaur GIS analyst wears his oldie-but-goodie Esri T-shirt

Kitty Hurley, GIS and all-hazards assessment coordinator, Hennepin County Emergency Management, Medina, Minnesota, poses with her GIS apparel in front of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kitty Hurley all-hazards assessment coordinator poses with her GIS apparel

Bikes, Anyone?

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Christine Chaplin, GIS technician, US Army Corps of Engineers, is proud of her Esri bike jersey. This shot was taken at Makapuu Lookout on Oahu, Hawaii.

Christine Chaplin a GIS technician shows her Esri bike jersey

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Garrett Topham, GIS specialist, City of Mesa, Arizona, models his fat bike next to a skinny cactus . . . and includes his Esri bike jersey, too.

Garret Topham a GIS specialist shows his Esri bike jersey