North Carolina and Nevada—Esri Shirts Fit in Everywhere!

Steve Gochenaur GIS analyst wears his oldie-but-goodie Esri T-shirt
Steve Gochenaur, GISP, GIS analyst, Lancaster County GIS, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is wearing his oldie-but-goodie Esri T-shirt at the lighthouse in Ocracoke, North Carolina. His family vacations on the Outer Banks every year.
Kitty Hurley all-hazards assessment coordinator poses with her GIS apparel
Kitty Hurley, GIS and all-hazards assessment coordinator, Hennepin County Emergency Management, Medina, Minnesota, poses with her GIS apparel in front of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bikes, Anyone?

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Christine Chaplin a GIS technician shows her Esri bike jersey
Christine Chaplin, GIS technician, US Army Corps of Engineers, is proud of her Esri bike jersey. This shot was taken at Makapuu Lookout on Oahu, Hawaii.

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Garret Topham a GIS specialist shows his Esri bike jersey
Garrett Topham, GIS specialist, City of Mesa, Arizona, models his fat bike next to a skinny cactus . . . and includes his Esri bike jersey, too.