Portal for ArcGIS Now a Standard Esri Server Product

Enables Users to Deploy ArcGIS Online Capabilities on In-House Server Platforms

Over the past year, Esri has installed a number of on-premises implementations of Portal for ArcGIS. These have been custom implementations done by an Esri Professional Services team. At 10.2, this technology has been turned into a standard product that can be easily set up by any user, immediately integrating ArcGIS server technology and providing complete geospatial content management for organizations. This technology provides a front end for ArcGIS for Server with dozens of easy-to-use apps and full integration with ArcGIS for Desktop. It also provides an open mapping and analysis platform integrated with standard enterprise IT infrastructure, including e-mail, search, business intelligence systems, SharePoint, and Office. It is accessible from any device platform or web client.

Esri is licensing this technology by a named user model similar to ArcGIS Online, permitting low cost and flexible deployment of the services.

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