SpatiaLABS Enhance College Coursework for Instructors and Students

Installed from a DVD, SpatiaLABS from Esri Press are designed to supplement college coursework with computer lab activities that enhance spatial reasoning and analysis skills in students. Across an entire campus, educators decrease the time spent preparing materials for their course with this packaged solution. Additionally, students are offered a platform to see real-world applications of the concepts and skills they are studying in their art and science classes through the use of mapping technology and visualization tools, including Esri’s ArcGIS software.

Esri Press SpatiaLABS DVD.
Esri Press SpatiaLABS DVD.

SpatiaLABS Supplement Arts and Sciences Courses

More than 60 labs are available and examine issues, such as dwindling resources, environmental equity, and global politics, allowing students to feel a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment to make a difference. Each lab activity functions independently, but some labs are organized into course sets, such as the following:

General Interest Topics

Forestry Topics

Business Topics

Students Better Understand Our World

SpatiaLABS teach students how to approach a spatial problem using analysis and visualization rather than teaching the mechanics of geospatial tools. Whereas books deliver concepts, SpatiaLABS provide a framework for analyzing those concepts against real-world issues.

Getting Started

There is an annual license fee for SpatiaLABS. Within SpatiaLABS, each lab is classified by level. Level 1 labs are for students with little or no exposure to GIS. Level 2 labs require some basic GIS skills. Level 3 labs are advanced activities written more like guidelines, providing students with what they need to do, but little, if any, instruction on how. Most labs require students to have had some exposure to GIS.

To learn more about SpatiaLABS, visit or call Esri at 1-800-447-9778.