Tapestry Segmentation Targets the Best Customers

What do you want to know about the types of people you need to reach with your marketing efforts?

Of course you want basic information such as age, income, and household type. Beyond that, if you had more detailed information about the products and services they buy, the leisure activities they enjoy, and their other preferences, you could communicate with them more effectively.

The next generation of Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation data can provide you with this valuable information. Tapestry lifestyle data helps you know more about your target audience so you can better find, reach, serve, and keep them.

See how Tapestry identifies the dominant segment in 55 US cities in this interactive map.
See how Tapestry identifies the dominant segment in 55 US cities in this interactive map.

The July 2014 release of Tapestry data captures current trends associated with the US population such as the increasing diversity of the population, reduced income and assets, and lower home values. It also portrays the steady shift in household types from traditional to nontraditional families and the aging of the population.

Tapestry has 67 segments, 14 LifeMode summary groups, and six Urbanization summary groups that reflect both the stability of gradual change in a maturing population and the impact of life-altering events like the Great Recession. Now you can see a consistent view of the entire American landscape—where important changes are taking place as well as areas where the population has stayed the same.

Notable changes to Tapestry include more segments for singles, more diverse segments, and more differentiation among the senior segments. Singles segments may be divided by affluence, location, and the presence of children. Racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods are classified by segments in two new LifeMode summary groups. Segments in the Ethnic Enclaves group describe more established households of second or later generations; residents of neighborhoods in the Next Wave group are more recent arrivals.

The six segments in the Tapestry Senior Styles summary group vary from active, affluent seniors in Silver and Gold neighborhoods to older, low-income folks who live in Social Security Set areas.

Tapestry data is available across the ArcGIS platform in web maps, reports, infographics, and data enrichment. Tapestry data is also included with Esri Business Analyst, Esri Community Analyst, and Esri Maps for Office. To access Tapestry, you will need a trial or paid subscription to ArcGIS Online.

Professionals in emergency management, education, economic development, health, non-profit, politics, public safety, and other similar entities can use Tapestry to reach populations for a wide variety of important reasons. How can Tapestry help you?