What’s New in ArcGIS Online?

The March update for ArcGIS Online included a number of enhancements and new features, such as new options for creating 3D web apps, improvements to smart mapping, and upgrades for administering ArcGIS Online subscriptions.

Here are some highlights from the release:

3D Web Apps

Users can now create 3D web apps based on a scene. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS includes a set of new widgets and themes with specific 3D tools and layouts. These 3D configurable apps make it easier to compare, visualize, and showcase scenes.

Smart Mapping

With new map styles, users can illuminate multiple attributes in data as well as show which attribute out of several is predominant. For example, in a layer that displays crop production by county, users can see which crop has the highest value and the degree of its predominance compared to other crops. In many cases, these new styles do all the calculations behind the scenes so that users can focus on the map they want to make.


The new Choose Best Facilities tool helps determine the optimal facilities based on user criteria. And the Living Atlas of the World analysis layers have been updated with more standard geography layers for various countries around the world.

Administering ArcGIS Online

Administrators now have more control over the security settings for their organization. They can decide whether to allow members to edit and display biographical information, as well as whether other users can choose who can see their profiles. Administrators can also select whether or not to show social media links on item details and group pages. Guides are available as well to help administrators learn more about launching, promoting, and administering ArcGIS Online.

Users themselves can manage communications from Esri through their profile page. They can sign up to receive emails about the latest best practices for ArcGIS software, GIS news in their industry, and customer stories. To do so, the ArcGIS Online account will need to have Esri access enabled.

To get all the details for this release, head to the ArcGIS Online What’s New page.