Your Key to Accessing ArcGIS Wherever You Are

Named user credentials give you a unique, secure identity on the ArcGIS platform. Basically, a named user is a person licensed to use ArcGIS software. As a named user, you access the platform using permissions given to you by your administrator. You can join groups and access resources that you own or that have been shared with you.

What Does Identity Mean for You?

Your named user creditial is your identity on the ArcGIS platform. It lets you own an item and share it with others. You can save items under your name and access them later. Keep items private until you’re ready to share them with another person, another group, or the public. Your identity also keeps track of your favorites.

Your Identity Travels with You

Any privileges, from special to full administrative, are assigned using your identity. Your identity associates those privileges with you no matter where you are. Log in to any app on any device, anytime and have access to the same maps, apps, data, and analysis. This portability functions in a similar way to identity in Salesforce, SharePoint, and SAP.

How It Works

As a named user, you get access to a comprehensive suite of apps and maps that come with the ArcGIS Online subscription. You can use these apps in your day-to-day work including

Your identity also provides access to premium apps such as ArcGIS Pro, Esri Business Analyst Online, and Esri partner apps that have been purchased.

One Login Unlocks Everything

Because ArcGIS supports the notion of identity, you can tie into other identity management systems. For example, you can connect ArcGIS to single sign-on systems. Just log in once to have access to ArcGIS and everything your organization allows you to access.