ArcGIS Marketplace Offers Advantages for Consumers and Providers

If you are a GIS manager or professional, ArcGIS Marketplace is a great place to find apps, data, and additional capabilities that leverage and enhance what your organization can do with ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS platform.

If you are a GIS developer, ArcGIS Marketplace provides direct engagement with the ArcGIS community and a mechanism for promoting, selling, and managing access to your apps and data.

ArcGIS Marketplace is a central location for discovering and getting apps and data from qualified providers worldwide and making them available through any ArcGIS Online organization.

Echosec Pro for ArcGIS filters social media for any geographic area stipulated by users.

For GIS Professionals

The marketplace includes both paid and free apps, and many include the ability to access free trials using your ArcGIS Online organization account. You can explore an array of solutions built by Esri and qualified Esri partners, international distributors, and startups. All Esri’s premium apps—Drone2Map for ArcGIS, Navigator for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS Community Analyst, and GeoPlanner for ArcGIS—are available for trial and purchase online through ArcGIS Marketplace.

ArcGIS Marketplace makes it easy to discover, try, and gain immediate access to ready-to-use apps, content, and additional capabilities, especially offerings designed to tailor the functionality of ArcGIS to specific industries. ArcGIS Marketplace is built into ArcGIS Online so the benefit of apps, data, and capabilities can be realized in an integrated and seamless way. This integration streamlines the process of evaluating the trial versions of many offerings. ArcGIS Marketplace also offers apps, content, and services that are available at no cost. These items can be located using the Free filter.

Mapillary for ArcGIS is an ArcGIS Online web app for viewing, creating, and editing GIS data.

For GIS Developers

As a provider for ArcGIS Marketplace, you keep 100 percent of the sales revenue from selling your ArcGIS Online supported apps and data while having access to tools that help you generate leads, manage subscriptions, and seamlessly provide free trials.

You can take advantage of built-in marketing to the ArcGIS user community. Apps can be built with any ArcGIS Runtime SDK provided an ArcGIS Online subscription login is required to use the app. Members of the Esri Partner Network or Esri StartUp Program and qualified developers can apply to become a marketplace provider. Learn more about the program and apply find offerings that can help you maximize the value of your organization’s GIS.

Do multimodal network analysis and mobility flow pattern analysis with MobiAnalyst Online from MobiGIS.

Coming Soon to ArcGIS Marketplace

ArcGIS Marketplace is constantly expanding. If you are looking for a specific app or type of content and can’t find it, use the ArcGIS Ideas site on GeoNet to let Esri know what you need. Submit your ideas using the dedicated ArcGIS Marketplace section or add an Idea to the relevant section or category.

Among the new features planned for ArcGIS Marketplace are more ArcGIS Pro add-ins and configurations from Esri partners, distributors, and the startup community along with the ability to subscribe to more diverse types of data and content services. ArcGIS Marketplace will evolve to support apps, content, and additional capabilities that can be used with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Visit ArcGIS Marketplace to find out how you can benefit as a consumer or provider.