Coding Workout for Developers

New immersive training format

If you are an experienced developer who wants to master the art of geoenabling native Android apps, Esri has something new for you: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android Boot Camp.

This boot camp is not for beginnners. Over three days, an Esri instructor will whip you into shape with lots and lots of hands-on coding. Course content is driven by classmates. (Hooah!) All the code you build is yours to keep. (Hooah!)

Boot camps are held at Esri US training locations or as private events. They are more immersive, social, and collaborative than other training formats. Participants will have a workout solving real-world problems in small groups during class. Each boot camp covers a focused Esri technology concept. The instructor will discuss recommended workflows and best practices and present software demonstrations. Compared to standard Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses, boot camps spend significantly more time on hands-on exercises rather than lectures. Students work side by side with the instructor to solve problems presented in the exercises. Students are encouraged to ask questions in this highly interactive training format.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android Boot Camp, the first boot camp being offered, lets you dive into the ArcGIS Runtime SDK and discover how to integrate geospatial data, maps, and GIS capabilities into native Android apps. You will work closely with fellow developers as you learn how to build apps that support connected and disconnected workflows. The course covers

During the class, Esri will provide ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 for Android, Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7, and the Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle Windows 64 bit.

You will leave knowing how to give mobile users a high-quality app experience that includes interactive mapping, data visualization and editing, spatial analysis, and querying. A certification of completion is provided. Pricing for all Instructor-Led Training is on a per-day, per-student, or per-class basis. For more information, visit