Control the Map Extent in ArcGIS Online

Working Smarter

Set the extent on a web map in ArcGIS Online interactively so it will display exactly the extent you intend by drawing a new extent using the map's properties.

Need to refine the initial map extent of a web map saved to ArcGIS Online opened in the map viewer? Or perhaps you have two or more web maps that need to have exactly the same extent.

Here is a better way to achieve these results. Instead of painstakingly readjusting map extents visually and then saving each map only to be disappointed, use the map properties to set the extent used when the map opens.

1. Click the desired map in My Content and click Edit in the Details page. If the map is already displayed in the map viewer, click Details > About > More Details… to get to the Details Page.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The last item under Properties is Extent. Click Set Extent.

3. Use the plus and minus symbols to adjust the extent displayed as needed.

4. To draw the extent interactively, click Draw Extent and create a rectangle that encompasses the desired extent. Click Save.

5. If you already know the coordinates you would like to use for the extent, select the existing coordinate in each box and replace it completely with the new coordinate. Click Save.

6. No matter which method you used to assign the next extent coordinates, click My Content, then reopen the map you just modified. It should display the new extent.

If you know the coordinates for the extent you want, select the existing coordinates and replace them with the desired coodinates.