Create Location-Aware Apps for iPhone and Android

With the Geotrigger Service, developers can easily create location-aware apps for iPhone and Android without compromising battery life.

The Geotrigger Service works by executing an action only when a mobile device enters or leaves a trigger zone (geofenced area). It works via the cloud to push a location-based message to that device or to a remote server. Date and time ranges can be applied to triggers so they are only active during certain time periods.

With the Geotrigger Service, apps built on the Esri location platform can quickly gather business intelligence by locating where people are and when the app was used. Developers can also design apps that send messages to users when they enter or leave an area defined by a geofence. Developers can use the Geotrigger Service for developing apps across all industries.

Retail and Loyalty: Engage customers with personalized content and deals the moment they enter a store.

Real Estate: Send messages to prospective home buyers when their search criterion matches a nearby home.

Energy Management: Use location to automatically manage power consumption at home or in the office.

Tourism: Bring public attractions to life by informing tourists of interesting locations as they explore a city.

Public Alerts: Notify citizens about events such as road closures or civic emergencies based on past locations.

The Geotrigger Service will be free during beta until the final version is released in 2014. Feedback from the beta will be used to shape the official release.

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