Find Out Where the Water Goes

The Nighttime Flow Analysis solution, a COTS configuration of the ArcGIS platform, helps water utilities identify areas with underground leaks and other sources of nonrevenue water loss.

Nighttime Flow Analysis measures gallons per minute (GPM) of water consumption for an area at night, when households typically use significantly less water. It compares that rate to the expected flow estimated using industry standards for minimum nighttime uses—such as the use of toilets, washing machines, and outdoor irrigators—to determine potential nonrevenue water loss, or water flows that are not reaching a meter.

This solution is a collection of services, maps, and apps supported on ArcGIS 10.3 that helps utilities find and fix underground leaks and other sources of water loss that might go undetected for months. Rapidly identifying and eliminating unnecessary water loss provide better service, more efficient distribution to customers, less wear on treatment equipment, and longer-term value from capital-improvements spending.

Over the long term, Nighttime Flow Analysis can improve utility operations and capital planning by reducing high water loss, preventing service disasters, and reducing the time needed to make repairs from months to weeks or days.

Read the accompanying article in this issue “Tennessee Utility Proactively Stops Water Leaks” and learn how Tennessee’s largest water and wastewater utility, White House Utility District (WHUD), uses other ArcGIS for Utilities solutions to manage its 600-square-mile service area. For more information on Nighttime Flow Analysis, visit