Getting to Know ArcGIS for Desktop, Third Edition

The GIS bestseller was originally published in 2001. This workbook, designed for beginners, introduces GIS principles using hands-on exercises using ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop. These exercises teach how to use the software to query and analyze data and create maps. In addition to the main exercise, each chapter has suggestions for related activities and tips and shortcuts for using the software. New topics in the third edition include exploring online resources and working with raster data. Getting to Know ArcGIS for Desktop can be used as a classroom text, independent study guide, or reference. It is indexed and has a glossary of GIS terms. It includes a DVD containing the maps, data, and results for the exercises and access to a 180-day trial of ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop.

Both authors have GIS backgrounds and technical writing experience. Michael Law worked for Rand McNally Canada and as a cartographer for Esri Press, where he developed cartography for books and edited and tested GIS workbooks. Now based in Toronto, Canada, Law continues to work with GIS software, writing technical documentation, teaching training courses, and designing and optimizing user interfaces. Amy Collins was introduced to GIS when she began working as a technical editor at Esri in 2002. She is currently a writer and editor based in northern California and continues to develop GIS materials. Esri Press, 2013,768 pp., ISBN: 9781589483088