GIS Bookshelf

Collaborative Cities: Mapping Solutions to Wicked Problems

By Stephen Goldsmith and Kate Markin Coleman

Today communities face challenges, such as climate change, homelessness, and lack of access to health care, that exceed the resources of governments, nonprofits, or businesses alone. Characterized as “wicked problems,” these are typically in the realm of planning or policy and are difficult or nearly impossible to solve due to their complexity, interdependence, and dynamic nature. Tackling them requires integrating the different perspectives and dimensions of the problem. This book discusses how location intelligence is uniquely suited to addressing these types of problems. The authors, who have decades of experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, analyze examples of geospatial technology applications that span sectors to address these seemingly intractable problems. Foreword is by noted urbanist Richard Florida. Esri Press, 2021, 250 pp., Print ISBN: 9781589485396, Digital ISBN: 9781589485402.

Keeping People Safe: GIS for Public Safety

By Ryan Lanclos and Matt Artz

This collection of real-world case studies demonstrates how GIS and location intelligence support planning, operations, and communications for agencies that provide emergency management, law enforcement, emergency medical response, homeland security, and rescue capabilities. It is designed to provide organizations with the inspiration and information to jump-start the use of GIS for these activities in their organizations. Lanclos is the director of public safety solutions at Esri and is responsible for strategic initiatives in public safety and national security. He also leads Esri’s Disaster Response Program (DRP), which provides 24/7 GIS support to organizations during disasters. Artz is a content strategist for Esri Press. Esri Press, 2021, 120 pp., Print ISBN: 9781589486867, Digital ISBN: 9781589486874.

GIS Jump Start for Health Professionals

By Kristen S. Kurland

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of GIS in responding to public health crises has been amply demonstrated. The Johns Hopkins University of Medicine COVID-19 Dashboard has received more than a billion views, and hundreds of government agencies across the world have used GIS to monitor cases and manage vaccination campaigns. GIS Jump Start for Health Professionals is a concise workbook that introduces health professionals, medical students, and others interested in health IT and informatics to the location analytics available through GIS. It explains how maps, dashboards, apps, and charts can be used to analyze threats, visualize conditions, and communicate solutions. The author is an award-winning professor at Carnegie Mellon University and cocreator of the Esri Press GIS Tutorial series. Esri Press, 2021, 200 pp., Print ISBN: 9781589486539, Digital ISBN: 9781589486546.