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Mapping Community Health:
GIS for Health and Human Services

Edited by Christopher Thomas, Shannon Valdizon, and Matt Artz

Public health service agencies rely on GIS to improve health outcomes, increase access to health care, and build healthier communities. This collection of case studies demonstrates how GIS is being used to address challenges and build resilient communities and suggest ideas, strategies, and tools to jump-start the use of GIS. Supplementary online resources include additional case studies, videos, and downloadable tools and content. This is another in the Applying GIS series. Esri Press, 2021, 120 pp., print ISBN: 9781589486997, ebook ISBN: 9781589487000.

Mapping by Design: A Guide to ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

By Sarah Bell

Esri cartographer Sarah Bell, author of Mapping by Design: A Guide to ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud, believes that while learning to create maps is hard work, it’s also a fun and creative endeavor that is continually evolving. Besides being a cartographer, Bell is also the lead product engineer for ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud—a product that she uses to make beautiful, artistic maps of everything from rock climbing sites to donut shop locations. In Mapping by Design, she uses her knowledge of and skills with Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud to guide readers through how to use the software and Adobe Illustrator to craft informative and visually compelling stories with maps.

Readers who complete the book’s tutorials will learn how to do the following:

Bell has been a professional mapmaker for more than 10 years. She started her career at the National Park Service as a park ranger in North Cascades National Park in Washington State, where she also began making rock climbing maps of Mount Rainier. She earned a master’s degree in geography from Western Washington University. She worked as a cartographer for a firm in Bellingham, Washington and at Western Washington University’s Resilience Institute before joining Esri in 2013.

The book includes a 180-day trial license of ArcGIS software.Esri Press, 2021, 225 pp., print ISBN: 9781589486041, ebook ISBN: 9781589486058.