GIS Bookshelf

Managing Our World: GIS for Natural Resources

By Geoff Wade and Matt Artz

Managing Our World: GIS for Natural Resources is a collection of real-life stories about natural resource organizations successfully using GIS to increase efficiency and sustainability using the geographic approach. Organizations working in the agriculture, forestry, mining, energy, pipeline, and renewable energy sectors have used GIS to increase profitability, improve environmental protections, and expand societal benefits. A collection of online resources, including additional stories, videos, new ideas and concepts, and downloadable tools and content, complement this book. Esri Press, 2023, 184 pp., print ISBN: 9781589486881 ebook ISBN: 9781589486898

Moving Forward: GIS for Transportation

By Terry Bills and Keith Mann

Geospatial analytics, real-time dashboards, and mobile applications are driving new, more efficient workflows and paving the way for innovative, cost-effective solutions for transportation agencies. Case studies in Moving Forward: GIS for Transportation describe how ports, airports, transit authorities, and departments of transportation around the world have implemented GIS to visualize and analyze data for operational efficiency, safety and security, asset management, and planning and sustainability. GIS and location intelligence are helping transportation organizations strengthen their ability to maintain roads and highways, railway systems, and other vital infrastructures. Esri Press, 2021, 120 pp., print ISBN: 9781589486928, ebook ISBN: 9781589486935

Designing Map Interfaces: Patterns for Building Effective Map Apps

By Michael Gaigg

Designing Map Interfaces: Patterns for Building Effective Map Apps is the essential guide to creating geospatial app interfaces that are usable, efficient, and stunning. Whether configuring an out-of-the-box solution, building an app with an app builder, or working on a custom app project, readers can rely on the book’s practical tips to assemble an effective user interface (UI). Intended for GIS professionals, solution engineers, developers, and designers, Designing Map Interfaces identifies several recurring problems in UI design and outlines specific UI patterns that can fix them. December 2022/March 2023, 173 pp., print ISBN: 9781589487253, ebook ISBN: 9781589487260