GIS Bookshelf

ArcGIS Web Development

By Rene Rubalcava
This trim tutorial book teaches the reader how to build custom GIS web applications using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Its straightforward, structured approach can benefit GIS professionals who want to expand their skill set, developers new to GIS, or students who want to get an edge in the job market. ArcGIS Web Development is divided into two parts. The first section introduces the reader to the basics of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and shows how to use it to incorporate various ArcGIS services into responsive web apps. Interacting with ArcGIS for Server for information that isn’t easily accessed using the API and extending the API by building tools that meet specific needs are also covered. The second section delves into the challenges of mobile application development by walking the reader through the creation of a sample field collection app. The appendixes cover development environment options, the basics of the Dojo toolkit, and how to use the proxy files provided by Esri. Author Rene Rubalcava, GISP, who is the cofounder of SmartGeoTech, Inc, a GIS development company specializing in Esri technologies, is also a GIS analyst and developer/environmental planner for the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. Manning Publications, 2014, 248 pp., ISBN: 978-1617291616

Distributed Version Control with Git: Mastering the Git command line

By Lars Vogel
A slender, no-frills book, Distributed Version Control with Git: Mastering the Git command line provides a practical introducation to the Git version control system. Beginning with an overview of Git installation and setup, it teaches best practices for adding and committing changes using a local Git workflow as well as merging and rebasing changes, and using online Git hosting platforms such as GitHub or Bitbucket. It also includes a chapter on typical Git workflows. Lars Vogel, 2013, 240 pp., ISBN-13: 978-3943747065