Keeping Up and Getting Better

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The pace of change in technology—especially geospatial technology—is brisk and accelerating all the time. The Esri Developer Summit (DevSummit) will return to Palm Springs, California, March 6 through 9, 2018, but here are some things you can do right now that will make you a more productive, informed, and connected developer.

Two articles in this issue tell you about free Esri resources you can take advantage of today. “New ArcGIS Developer Program Reflects the Way You Work” describes the new streamlined and customizable ArcGIS Developer Program that incorporates the best of the Esri Developer Network and the original ArcGIS Developer Program. “Jump-Start Your ArcGIS for Developers Subscription” tells you how Esri DevLabs can help you instantly take advantage of your ArcGIS Developer Program subscription through short, focused tutorials that cover working with data, designing apps, and using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS, and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET.

Attending local Esri developer events, coding socially, and following Esri developer accounts on social media are three ways you can get more done as a developer, connect with other developers, and become more successful.

Esri hosts GeoDev Meetups held in dozens of cities in the United States. These tech socials bring geospatial app developers together to demonstrate apps, share ideas (often through Lightning Talks), and connect with other developers over appetizers and beverages. Developers in each state can join regional GeoDev Meetup groups.

GeoDev HackerLabs, four-hour tutorial sessions led by Esri developers, will teach you how to build geospatial apps with ArcGIS Online, open-source data, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and AppStudio for ArcGIS. You just need a computer, a text editor, and either an ArcGIS for Developers or ArcGIS Online organizational account. The 2017 GeoDev Meetups schedule includes GeoDev HackerLabs and GeoDev Meetups.

Esri GitHub projects, like this Esri Leaflet Quickstart, are a great way to learn more about tools and interact with other developers.

Join others in the ArcGIS developer community on GitHub. The Esri site on GitHub has hundreds of open-source projects. You can participate in or explore these projects or simply download and use them. These repositories contain apps, libraries, templates, datasets, and tutorials. Coding socially can be enjoyable and enlightening, but even if you don’t contribute code, examining source, logging and tracking issues, and discussing enhancements can be valuable.

Follow Esri GeoDev feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a great way to meet others, share knowledge, and stay current throughout the year. All Esri DevSummit events have feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so watch for the #devsummit hashtag to get conference news and announcements. Don’t forget to visit the Esri YouTube channel to view the plenary and technical session videos from the 2017 DevSummit.