From Manager to Leader

If you lead a GIS team—or aspire to—make sure you head to San Diego, California, for the GIS Managers’ Open Summit (GISMOS) on July 9, 2019.

This daylong interactive event, which runs concurrently with the 2019 Esri User Conference (Esri UC), helps people with a GIS background become successful leaders in their organizations. It will benefit not only current and future GIS managers but also business and technology strategists and decision-makers.

The format for GISMOS is relaxed and informal. You are not committed to staying for the entire event and may come and go as you please.

You help shape the discussion at the GIS Managers’ Open Summit.

Summit Speakers

Adam Carnow
Esri community evangelist on “Surfing the GIS Waves to Success”
Carnow offers best practices and real-world examples showing how you can surf the waves of GIS evolution to success.

Eric Abrams
Geospatial administrator, Iowa Department of Transportation,
on “Journey of a GIS Manager”
Abrams will show how to redefine traditional GIS, talk about the differences between centralized and federated GIS, and touch on how to leverage maturity models.

Brandi Rank
GIS manager, Thornton, Colorado, on “If You Aren’t Managing, Who Is?”
Learn how you can spend your time leading change in your organization instead of doing technical chores.

Marvin Davis
GIS coordinator, Oak Hill, West Virginia, on “GIS in Rural Communities: How Oak Hill, West Virginia, Makes It Work”
The origin and organic growth of Oak Hill GIS will be examined to see how it can be used as a road map for other rural communities adopting GIS.

Last year, 300 people attended. While registration is free, space is limited, so register today. (You must be registered for Esri UC to attend this summit.)

Tips for GISMOS Participants