See the Future of Web Mapping

Beta 4.0 will support vector tiles, which drives dynamic, interactive cartography and allows optimal performance.

The ArcGIS API 4.0 for JavaScript, the next generation of the API, is already available in beta. This modern API provides an improved developer experience with a lean and simple interface. Beta 4.0 leverages advances in modern browser technology and the ArcGIS platform to create interactive, compelling web mapping applications.

This next-gen API enables smarter data visualizations and analysis. Developers can write both 2D and 3D applications using the same concepts and programming patterns. It has been optimized for use on mobile devices and provides substantial performance improvements, including a full client-side geometry engine for ultrafast geometry operations.

This version of the API will include support for vector tiles. This new representation drives dynamic, interactive cartography in a web browser. Vector tiles eliminate the need to precache styled tiles and provide access to each tile’s underlying data. Vector tiles, which use a new open specification that has already been adopted by major consumer devices and other platforms, will be available across the ArcGIS platform but will initially be offered as an ArcGIS Online global basemap tile service for use with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Ongoing beta releases will culminate in a final release in 2016. Learn more about beta 4.0.