Take Esri Geoportal Server Out for a Spin

Test-drive a live instance of Esri Geoportal Server. This free, open-source product enables the discovery and use of geospatial resources including datasets, rasters, and web services. The newly released lets you try Geoportal Server without installating and configuring the software.

The LiveDVD Demo provides the perfect test environment for trying out Geoportal Server customizations before implementing them in a production environment. Geoportal is already installed and configured on its own self-contained Linux operating system and can be booted directly by putting it in a computer’s DVD drive before turning on the system or booted up using a virtual machine. Either way, the hard drive of the host computer is not touched. The LiveDVD demo was built on the openSUSE Linux operating system using the SUSE Studio image creation tool.

Alternatively, LiveDVD can be installed on a hard drive to provide a permanent Esri Geoportal Server implementation. Digital and physical media versions of Esri Geoportal Server LiveDVD Demo 2013 can be requested by visiting