The Science of Where: Our Promise

I am excited to share with you Esri’s renewed emphasis on our brand, its meaning and its promise. We have captured our long history, our values, and mission in a new tagline, “The Science of Where,” which we feel represents Esri’s essence.

From its earliest days, Esri’s values have been rooted in purpose and service and a mission to inspire positive change. For nearly half a century, we have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of geographic science and opened the world to the possibilities of powerful geospatial technologies.

With the advent of the digital transformation, we stand on the edge of a new technological frontier. The release of Esri’s ArcGIS 10.5 is The Science of Where, in action. With ArcGIS 10.5, we provide the next generation of GIS that will simplify and amplify the work of our users everywhere. Together with our user community, we are pioneering a common visual language that combines mapping and advanced analytics to connect real-time data to the people and organizations that need them most—you, our users.

The Science of Where, is the perfect representation of our past, our present, and our future because The Science of Where, is—quite simply—what we do. It’s also what our users do too, every day. Our users around the world practice The Science of Where, by mapping the ocean floor; by making organizations smarter; by implementing retail location strategies; by building strong, resilient economies. They understand and embrace the knowledge and commitment to make these kinds of projects really work, which is something you will see again and again as you read the stories featured in this issue of ArcUser.

The Science of Where, is the science of digital transformation, the science of exploration and navigation, the science of commerce and ecology. It’s the science of insight and innovation. It inspires us and drives us to offer the most high-powered, high-performance mapping and analytics capabilities in the world.

The Science of Where, is the context layer for all of our content and visualization capabilities. It streamlines the spatial analysis of geographic and enterprise data through intuitive maps, charts, and graphs.

The Science of Where, is our brand. Our brand is our promise. It reflects our commitment to geoscience and to innovating the great technologies that harness it so that our customers can continue to create the maps that run the world.

Please join me in embracing The Science of Where, as an articulation of our joint mission to make the world a better place.

Warm Regards,
Jack Dangermond

About the author

Jack Dangermond is President of Esri, and is recognized as one of the most influential people in the field of geographic information system (GIS) technology. Jack, along with his wife Laura, founded Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) in 1969 with a vision that geographic analysis and computer mapping could help us design a better future. That vision has continued to guide Esri in creating cutting-edge GIS and Geodesign technologies used in every industry to help our users be successful and to make a difference worldwide. A graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Jack also has received 14 honorary degrees for his contributions to the fields of geography, environmental science, planning, and GIS. Jack remains closely connected to projects, clients, and the company vision, and is personally committed to promoting GIS methods to improve environmental stewardship and sustainability for communities across the world.