Learn to Use Social Logins for Your ArcGIS Organizational Account

Administrators of ArcGIS organizational accounts have several options they can choose from when inviting members to join their organization: using an enterprise login, an existing public account, or a new account that’s created by the invitee.

However, administrators can also send invitations via a new account that uses social network credentials such as Facebook or Google.

While using an existing enterprise login often makes the most sense, there may be reasons—including the convenience of social logins—to let new members sign in with their own account. Social logins are easy to remember, and you can sign in with a single click.

This tip shows you how to enable the use of social logins in your ArcGIS organizational account and how to invite members to join your organization by using their Facebook or Google credentials.

Enable Social Logins for Your Organizational Account

As an administrator, go to Settings and click on the Security tab. Locate the Social Logins section and click Configure.

Check the Allow members to join your organization and sign in using social logins box. Click Configure.

You will see a message confirming that social logins are now configured.

Invite Members to Join Using Their Social Media Credentials

Step 1: Invite new members.

Now that social logins are enabled, you can invite members and give them the ability to use their Facebook or Google credentials to join your organization. Go to the Members tab on the main ribbon.

Click Invite members.

Step 2: Select the method of invitation.

The second step—Choose method—offers three different methods to add members. Choose Invite members to join using an account of their choice, then click Next.

Step 3: Compile the invitation list.

In the next step—Compile member list—you can add members to the invitation list one at a time or add them in a batch by using a CSV file. For this example, click New member to add only one member, but you can add as many as you wish.

In the next panel, enter the email address of the new member (a) and assign a user type (b) and role (c). Then click Next (d).

In the next panel, check the box in front of the name of each person you want to invite. Then click Next.

Step 4: Set the member properties.

In the next step—Set member properties—use the Groups, Credits, and Settings tabs to assign default groups, set the credit allocation, and specify the settings for each invitee.

On the Settings tab in Add Members make sure that you have chosen New member(s) can use the email of their choice. Then click Next.

Step 5: Review and confirm the settings and send the invitation.

In the final step—Confirm and complete—you can review the settings (a) and edit the message that will accompany your invitation (b). When finished, click Add members (c).

You will see a notification that the invitation has been sent.

An invitation to join the organization will be emailed to the new member. The recipient will see a link in the email to click to join the organization.

The link will prompt the invitee to join the organization. The invitee should accept the default option, By creating a new account, and then click Next.


The invitee will see options for creating a new account and can choose Facebook or Google to sign in to the organization.

Depending on your organization’s members and needs, using social media credentials can provide a convenient, easy-to-remember way to sign in to your organization. Once social logins have been enabled, members will see the options to sign in with Facebook or Google. If they have already signed in, they are just a click away from joining your organization.

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