Jay Theodore

As Esri’s Chief Technology Officer for Enterprise and AI technologies, Jay Theodore guides the long-term vision of the ArcGIS system, designed for enterprises and infused with advanced Analytics, Data Science and AI techniques.

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Dev Summit 2023: Extending and Automating the ArcGIS System

Day two of the 2023 Developer Summit plenary showcased how you can extend and automate your workflows using ArcGIS.

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Dev Summit 2022: Extending ArcGIS and spatial analysis

See how ArcGIS is used to conduct spatial analysis to solve real-world problems and extended to monitor and maintain the organization's assets.

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Modern GIS for the Enterprise: Redefined in 2021

Find out about ArcGIS advancements in 2021 with geospatial capabilities and infrastructure available in the cloud.

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Dev Summit 2021: Extend and automate your intelligent enterprise

ArcGIS can help you create and expand your intelligent enterprise, by applying well-defined and recommended patterns across your workflows.

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Dev Summit 2021: Introducing ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes

This entirely new implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise, the industry-leading geospatial platform, will be available with the 10.9 release.

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Dev Summit 2021: ArcGIS – a complete system for Spatial Analysis, Data Science, and Geospatial AI

ArcGIS brings analytical methods and spatial methodologies to life to uncover hidden patterns to predict and drive decision making.

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