Katie Thompson

Katie is a writer working on ArcGIS Hub and Enterprise Sites in the R&D Center in Washington, D.C.

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Global Navigation: New Ways to Get Around and Brand your Sites with ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Enterprise Sites

Learn how you can make the most of the latest ArcGIS Hub capability.

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Meet Global Navigation: A Better Way to Navigate ArcGIS Hub

Learn more about how we're making it easier for everyone to use ArcGIS Hub.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Enterprise Sites at 10.7

Learn more about what's included in the 10.7 release of ArcGIS Enterprise Sites

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What’s New in ArcGIS Hub (March 2019)

ArcGIS Hub has released several new feature enhancements since the start of the year. Here are the highlights.

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A New Search Experience for ArcGIS Hub is Here

Recent updates to the ArcGIS Hub search capability improves how you and your community connect with shared data.

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ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Enterprise Sites: Designing for Accessibility

Apply principles of accessibility to ensure that everyone can use and consume your sites and pages.

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ArcGIS Hub: What’s New in the New Year

ArcGIS Hub will be releasing several enhancements to your hub sites in the coming weeks.

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ArcGIS Hub Site Editing Enhancements

Recent enhancements to ArcGIS Hub's Site Editor improve workflows to make it easier for you to build your sites.

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How to share Social Media on your Hub Sites

Add social media cards to your sites to share Facebook and Twitter posts and timelines.

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