Kyle R. Cassal

Kyle R. Cassal, Chief Demographer at Esri, is the lead developer for Esri’s Data Development team. His team is responsible for producing independent demographic and socioeconomic updates and forecasts for the United States. These data are leveraged across the Esri platform through web maps, infographics, data enrichment and custom applications including Business Analyst and the Living Atlas of the World. In addition to processing US Census and ACS data, his team produces unique and innovative databases such as Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending and Market Potential which are now industry benchmarks.

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Updated Age Data Reveal an Aging Population

Esri’s 2024/2029 Updated Demographics feature re-based age data from the 2020 Census.

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Esri Historical Demographic Data

Esri’s Vintage 2023 Time Series Totals provide total population, housing units, and households for every year from Census 2010 up to the most cur

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How Much Noise Is in Census 2020 Data? Esri Can Show You!

Esri has developed a methodology to approximate the amount of noise infused into the Census 2020.

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Compare Places Dashboard: Review the Most Recent Census 2020 Disclosure Avoidance System (v2022-03-16)

Explore the most recent Compare Places Dashboard to discover place-level differences between Census 2010 SF1 and Census 2010 DP estimates

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Esri Realigns Census 2020 Data for Esri Updated Demographics

Esri has realigned data in over 500 block groups to account for irregularities in the Census 2020 redistricting data

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Compare Places Dashboard: Review the Proposed Census 2020 Disclosure Avoidance System

Explore this Dashboard to compare place level differences between Census 2010 SF1 and Census 2020 DAS V12.2

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Census 2020 Apportionment Projections

Esri predicts apportionment with Updated Demographics prior to the release of Census 2020 apportionment counts

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How will Census 2020 Differential Privacy Impact You?

Census 2010 Demonstration Products allow data users to see how Census 2010 data would look with differential privacy applied to it.

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Census 2020 Differential Privacy

The 2020 Census will incorporate a new way to protect your identity using differential privacy

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