Kyle R. Cassal

Kyle R. Cassal, Chief Demographer at Esri, is the lead developer for Esri’s Data Development team. His team is responsible for producing independent demographic and socioeconomic updates and forecasts for the United States. These data are leveraged across the Esri platform through web maps, infographics, data enrichment and custom applications including Business Analyst and the Living Atlas of the World. In addition to processing US Census and ACS data, his team produces unique and innovative databases such as Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending and Market Potential which are now industry benchmarks.

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How will Census 2020 Differential Privacy Impact You?

Census 2010 Demonstration Products allow data users to see how Census 2010 data would look with differential privacy applied to it.

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Census 2020 Differential Privacy

The 2020 Census will incorporate a new way to protect your identity using differential privacy

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Census 2020 Self-Response Rates

Census 2020 Self-Response Rates updated daily for states, congressional districts, counties, tracts, places and American Indian areas

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Census 2020 Kickoff

It's time to fill out your Census 2020 questionnaire. Census Day is April 1st, 2020

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Reapportionment Projections and the Potential Impact of New States

Projections for congressional reapportionment following Census 2020 using Esri’s 2019 Updated Demographics

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