Kylie Donia

I am a product engineer for field operations, with a focus on documentation and best practices. Out of the office I can be found running... and then running some more (often on a trail or with a child).

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Collect data offline

Try Collector for ArcGIS offline and collect data. Inspect pipes without a data connection, then share your work once connected again.

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Collector for ArcGIS (Windows) v18.0.2 released

On Wednesday December 19, 2018 we released a bug fix update to Collector for ArcGIS on the Windows platform.

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Share a map for data collection in Collector

Share your Collector map with mobile workers so that they can collect data in the field. You'll use a group in your ArcGIS organization.

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Try Collector

Try Collector for freeā€”no account or setup required. Capture a digital version of your local park.

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Make your first Collector map

Create your first map for data collection: use templates and make a layer, put it on a map, and collect data in the field using Collector.

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Elevate data collection with better maps

Labels, vector tiles, and advance symbology are coming with Collector's Aurora project.

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Workforce and Survey123: Creating assignments in the field

Use Workforce and Survey123 together to allow field workers to create assignments.

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Collector Aurora UX improvements

See five of the biggest UX improvements that are coming with Collector's Aurora project.

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Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views

Use feature layer views to include multiple copies of a layer in a map and specify different filters on them. They'll even work offline.

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