Orhun Aydin

Orhun is a senior researcher for the Spatial Statistics team. His role at ESRI includes conducting applied and theoretical research into spatial and spatio-temporal machine learning methods, maintaining and adding functionality to the R-ArcGIS Bridge, and creation of educational resources such as learn lessons. He is also a member of the virtual ESRI Science Team where he works on spatial data science applications for solving problems pertaining to Earth systems. In addition to his role at ESRI, Orhun serves as a lecturer at University of Southern California's Spatial Sciences Institute. He holds a Masters and a PhD in Geostatistics, and a PhD minor in Geology from Stanford University's School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.

Posts by this author
The R-ArcGIS Bridge at the 2021 Esri Developer Summit Plenary

Read about the new and enhanced capabilities of the R-ArcGIS Bridge, R integration for ArcGIS Pro, in the 2021 Esri Developer Summit Plenary.

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R-ArcGIS Bridge Meets the Cloud: Working with Remote Data

New developments to the R-ArcGIS bridge that enable seamless connection to remote data sources, enterprise authentication and more.

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R Notebooks in ArcGIS Pro for Spatial Data Science

This blog explores R Notebooks in ArcGIS Pro, how to set them up and how to use them in your spatial analysis.

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The Science of Where in a Warming Planet: Spatial vs Non-Spatial Machine Learning

We explore and juxtapose spatial and geoenriched machine learning in ArcGIS Pro to their nonspatial counterparts.

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Bridging Into New Realms: R-ArcGIS Bridge and Microsoft R

Learn about R-ArcGIS Bridge's integration with Microsoft R for improved performance in computing

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The Science of Where Seagrasses Grow: ArcGIS and Machine Learning

From suggesting how many steps we should walk in a day, to predicting the future price of our home, machine learning (ML) is becoming an ...

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