Undral Batsukh

Undral is a Product Engineer at Esri, working on the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript.

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Time Traveler’s Guide: Timestamp-offsets Exposed

Learn more about how timestamp-offset fields can be used for visualization and analysis.

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Applying custom ticks and labels for the TimeSlider widget

This blog links to a video that shows how to customize the default labeling and ticks system for the TimeSlider widget

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Introducing client-side projection engine

Client-side projection engine converts geometries from one spatial reference to another without making network requests.

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Improved TypeScript development with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

The TypeScript declaration file for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript contains type information specific for the API. You can learn more abou...

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Creating a custom tile layer with TypeScript

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript provides you with many different layer types that support various data types and visualizations. We also pr...

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