Data Viz App Challenge Winners and Finalists Announced!

We called on geo developers to build interactive, meaningful mapping applications that showcased the data visualization power of ArcGIS. Participants in the Esri Data Viz App Challenge used smart mapping and other ArcGIS for Developers tools to create apps that wowed the judges. Here are the winners:

First-Place Winner, VizItPL!
VizItPL! answers important questions about Poland’s 2010 presidential election. How did people vote in each country? How does it compare with 2005? What factors (population density, unemployment rate, income, and religion) affect voter behavior?

Second-Place Winner, Global Terrorism Analysis Map
The Global Terrorism Analysis Map enables people to view information about terrorist attacks around the world. A dynamic heat map shows events by year or type as well as regional changes from 1978 to 2013. For each incident, users can see nearby facilities, weapons, and people affected.

Third-Place Winner, Explore your neighborhood through the US Census
The Explore your neighborhood through the US Census app invites people to do just that. Users can enter an address in the search box or click any area to discover population and size for each US county. They can also find data about people including demographics, gender, and age.

Check out the list of the remaining 9 runners-up.

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

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